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Birthdate:May 8
Website:Wild Hybrid

This journal is now FRIENDS ONLY.

If you do want to request an add, please do so on the "friends only" post in my LJ. Typically I will only friend people I am already familiar with, such as people I meet role playing or on Deviant Art. On rare occasion, I may stumble across a public journal I want to watch (usually fan art or fan fic are involved) and friend it. If I do this, it probably means I've been stalking your journal for a while and have decided I don't have a problem with you accessing my f-locked posts. In cases such as those, I don't expect an automatic friending in return... I just like what I can see in public posts and want to keep up with new postings.

What goes on in my own journal ranges from personal posts about my life to fandom, role playing and my own artistic endeavors. I'm female and in my early thirties, engaged to koh4711 and currently working a job in the medical field. I keep bizarre hours, live in a household where the pets outnumber us two to one and the toys... Well, we lost count. There's a lot, mostly Transformers but with a fair number of GI Joes, Gundams and other miscellaneous action figures mixed in here and there. We're like big kids here and we're not afraid to show it. :)

Current Commission/Trade Status: CLOSED. But! I may be opening for quick sketch commissions soon. Watch my Deviant Art blog for further details.

Other Bases of Operation
* My Deviant Art Account (mostly fan art)
* Straya on Tumblr

Active Role Play Accounts
Rex Salazar - naniteknight @ thewake_rpand scorched
TFA Ratchet - redwhitensnark

Inactive/Homeless Role Play Accounts
Landis - wingsofruin
Lysander - valkansuccessor
TF IDW Sunstreaker and Hunter O'nion - tf_headhunter
Agent Darwin - cavycommando

Current Icon Set: A mix of screen captures, original art, comic art, etc. All icons are credited in their descriptions.

R.I.P. Mike Wieringo
June 24, 1963 - August 12, 2007
In passing, may you find your own true TELLOS.

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